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August 31, 2008, 11:15 AM
TW. This is a very interesting thread you started. I've enjoyed both your posts' and the responses of other members. Thought provoking stuff here.

I've had such a hard time learning copywriting for just those reasons. I couldn't get past the part of trickery; of preying on the emotional weakness of those in the niche.

I got to the point where it became obvious that long copy is necessary for those products that hucksters push on the gullible. They have to wear you down.

I just recently purchased piece of software (QuickBooks). Their copy simply tells you what the software does...made it easy to make a decision Unlike software being sold by the hucksters.

the potential (and TEMPTATION) for playing one's audience FOR FOOLS!

Scamming them -- saying to one's self, "Hell I'll get the same amount of profit if I give them real value, OR NOT. Maybe it'll be an even bigger payday for me if I DON'T give them any real value!"

There's an old joke, billed as the ultimate "New Yorker's" joke, supposedly reflective of their famous who-gives-a-crap, tough-love attitude (I grew up in NYC, so I can say this) -- the joke goes like this...

Joe: I've got this great LIVE BEE collection -- with bees from all over the world, with dozens of different species and types. It is a truly wonderful collection.

Henry: Really! Where do you keep all those bees?

Joe: In this cigar box right here.

Henry: WOW! -- But don't they sting each other in there? Don't they kill each other?

Joe: F**k 'em.


THAT'S hucksterism.

Playing your audience FOR FOOLS.

Using sleazy USED CAR SALESMEN techniques -- thereby DISRESPECTING your potential customers, and then not giving a crap about it -- because the payday will be the same (or better) anyhow.

And -- unfortunately -- that maybe EXACTLY how the (real) world is viewing YOU, whether you like it or not! -- Whether you're actually doing that, or not!

The real world may very well think you're wearing a plaid jacket -- even if you're not!

-- TW

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