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August 30, 2008, 06:13 AM
Lately I'm seeing things with new eyes.

It all began when I started seeing the world through the eyes of others.

I've been doing that so long, I've 'adopted' their eyes, and now their eyes ARE my eyes.

The result: I won't mention any names, but when I watch certain marketing 'gurus,' I now blink my eyes and say, 'Hey wait a minute, these guys are HUCKSTERS!'

The people I formerly glorified, are hucksters.

Not slick.

Not clever.

Not to be emulated.

Just common hucksters.

I think many of the people I'VE been glorifying, ARE hucksters after all!!!

They are NOT trying to help.

They ARE just trying to line their own pockets.

They DON'T really know what they're talking about.

To make matters worse, hanging around in an environment of hucksters can rub off on you. It can cause you to blur the line between non-huckster + huckster -- and lead you into crossing the line without realizing it.

__________________________________________________ ____

NEWS FLASH: The 'real' world assumes ALL 'marketing people' are hucksters!!!
__________________________________________________ ____

On the other hand, people who ARE marketing types know that's not true.

----- But what if it almost IS true?

What if many of the people you've been glorifying ARE hucksters???

So --- what's the purpose of this post?

Welp -- it's 3 purposes really (even though a teacher cannot appear until the student is ready).

1) To encourage you to open your eyes too, CLEARLY see who's a huckster + who isn't, and to STOP glorifying hucksters.

2) To warn you against becoming a huckster yourself (or, if you've already become one, to encourage you to return to the 'good' side).

3) To warn you that others may ALREADY see you as being a huckster -- and they may be right!

-- TW

PS: Another purpose of this post is to see what all of you think about this topic. It's a subject that reaches to the very foundation of what we do -- and it's been bugging me a lot recently. It gets in the way of really helping people. An unseen force that must be dealt with somehow.

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