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August 30, 2008, 04:22 PM

Thanks for warning.

Correct me if I am wrong...

When you say Huckster you don't mean just a Seller who does so in a showy manner, you mean someone who, for want of better word, is lying. For example...

Young fellow comes to a discussion forum to Learn how to market things. After a month or two of the most inane questions, sets himself up as a Marketing Guru who can help you make a million dollars, while he still works a job in a photo lab - a part time job cause that's all he can get, not cause he's making all this money.

THAT, is the sort of thing you mean when you use the word Huckster, right?

Well. It ain't just in the Marketing Arena. It's in just about any arena you can think of... weight loss; muscle gain; blemish removal; math learning; language learning; music learning; physical fitness; and so on.

Which reminds me... years ago there used to be a fellow who was a semi regular at Bill Myers' old forum. He was a Fitness guy who used to write a newsletter. In one issue of his newsletter he wrote about... CowBioMetahydrate - a made up name.

He said how... the product was just some deHYDRATEd backyard grass clippings that had been Powdered. The claim was... take this stuff could make you as strong as a bull - after all, bulls eat grass and are pretty strong, right.

It was an Interesting issue. As it basically gave a run down of the Muscle Building Additive industry. A bunch of hucksters. Selling cheap powders at high prices. And selling Gimmicky Machines for home use.

Like the infomercial I just saw. Selling a machine called Malibu Pilates www.malibupilates.com - a gimmick if ever there was one. A $300+ gimmick. Because dang... I can't just sit in a chair and lift my legs, or do pushups on the floor and so on. I Need that machine. Bullsh*t.

But TW. It ain't even in just these Markets. It's all around. Whenever you see/hear a news item; whenever a politician opens their mouth. It's all bullsh*t. And if you turn off the tube; listen only to your own CDs and downloaded MP3s, and don't lay eyes on a newspaper; your world will not end. People might be surprised when they mention something They think is Big but you haven't heard of it. But you'll be better for it.

It's good you have awoken. Most people never will. Most people do not want to. They are so enured in their mental slumber they will fight to stay asleep.

Usually, the only way to wake someone fully is... to remove them from the environment - from the group mind think - and let them awake on their own.

That you are awaking suggests to me, some isolation from the herd has taken place within your life. (I'd be interested to know how close this is - have you noticed an Isolation, for whatever reason, which preceded your gradual awakening?)

Oh. The joy of waking is... you can never go back to sleep and succumb to the spell. It's a one way street. You can live among the comatosed but you can never become one again.

If you are interested. I suggest you do some research into brain Washing techniques - they aren't what you imagine them to be. Might surprise you to know people like Tony Robbins use them. A guy I think of as a Master Huckster.

Michael Ross

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