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August 30, 2008, 05:20 PM

Thanks for commenting further.

"the truth is that people can, and do, sacrifice when necessary for others...and sometimes even when it isn't necessary"

I agree, Sandi. People do - at times - do things for others without needing a Reward. But the key is... at times.

I'm sitting in a diner looking out the window. There's an old guy on one of those three wheeled electric buggy things. Sitting calmly. Then suddenly, he has gripped the control and started to reverse Fast. His face has a look of shock as he doesn't know what's going on. Because the wheel is turned, he is reversing backward in an arch. He is almost side on to the gutter now. His back wheel slips off and the whole machine tumbles down spilling him onto the asphalt.

People come running to help. They Selflessly help him. They sacrifice their time - and further appointments - to help him. And do so without thought of reward or good guy badge. They just saw someone who needed a hand and gave it.

These moments enter our lives continuously. And we enter people's lives, lend a hand, and leave, also continuously. All of us, in our own ways.

But that doesn't make us Altruistic.

Now. As per usual Sandi, you make a bunch of rebuttals - as fact - and an excuse about why you cannot continue the discussion.

"Distorted thinking I choose to define as altruism".

See. Said matter o' factly without backup. And none likely to come as "you have guests".

Now, if you look up the meaning of the word Altruism you'll see I have distorted nothing. Altruism Is the acting for the benefit of others. And it is you that simply claim I have distorted it - again, without backing up your claim and showing How I have done this.

Unbacked Up Claims. Another Trick I often see used. Usually in politics though. Any by those in Minority Groups and other Affinity Groups - be they based on race or sex or animals or environment or other.

Sandi, I know you disagree with me. And I with you. The difference is, though, throughout all our disagreements through the years I have backed up what I say. While you have Always made an excuse/reason not to continue. Not to back up what you say. When asked to do so.

Michael Ross

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