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August 30, 2008, 03:33 PM

Thanks for towing the altruism / brother's keeper line.

Doesn't work. Nor should it be the path taken.

The simple Fact of the matter is this...

If YOU (generic You meaning, whomever it applies to) want to Do Good - to Practice Altruism; to Save The Children or whatever your cause is - then YOu go do it. On your own. Without trying to lay guilt trips onto people to have them join Your Quest.

Example Only: If you want to treat animals hurt in car incidents, go do so. Off your own bat using your own funds. Do NOT petition the local govt to pass laws to slow cars down, erect signs, put in traffic slowing devices, give money to some Sanctuary you need built and so on and so forth. Because Now you are, in essence, stealing money from others for your Good Works - having the govt do the stealing on your behalf.

Do Not propose to know what's Best for someone. You are Not their keeper.

If you go down that line like in your example, there is no stopping. So, you deem it best for them Not to buy your software. Will you also deem it best for them not to buy that six pack of beer - and then push to have laws passed according to how YOU deem things to be Best for people. Where do you stop?

Now your use of the word "Enlightened" is to paint a picture that, anyone who thinks otherwise is thus not Enlightened. And that kind of Play is a trick. A Manipulation and I call it out for the ruse it is and expose it for its trickery.

No different that other Word Tricks such as... it's naive to think... the implication being, if I think a thing I am naive; and as we don't like to think of ourselves as naive, we would thus succumb to the trick.

As Bozo said, those who preach they are "doing for others" are lying hucksters. Looking for a Good Guy Badge.

Michael Ross

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