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Don Alm
May 26, 2015, 07:15 PM
OK...Ok.....whenever I see a response of "Hey Dude!.....what's ta stop da biz owner from doin' dis hisself!"...sends me into a "Tailspin" of....."What da heck am I doin' here wit such "amateurs"?

Then... I havta "calm down" and realize dat when most Non-Marketing...non-Sales people.......come up with THIS kinda question....I usually just chalk it up to NON-experience...... HOWEVER.....when long-time marketing guys ask THIS question......I have a tendency to become "UN-Glued" and "Wonder" if there's an "Ulterior Motive" for THIS comment.

ANyways....pardon my "dust"!

Don Alm

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