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Don Alm
May 26, 2015, 06:40 PM
I'm "sorry" Bob.....ALL my Sales Life in the "Advertising Biz" I have heard your comment;

"Hey! All da owner of da biz has gotta do is....drop his tools fer a few minutes a day to do DIS "PROMO TING"....or....da Pizza Owner (whom I happen to have THREE Friends who own Pizza Joints AND...are Good Friends)....who says; "Lemme see now, fer me to start TINKING BOUT DIS PROMO DAT DON HAS GIVEN ME DA IDEA FER....LET'S SEE NOW.....MAYBE I COULD FIT THE RESEARCH AN IMPLEMENTING STUFF INTO MY "SLOW-TIME"!

I'm sorry Bob.....I've heard this my ENTIRE ADVERTISING SALES CAREER!

DA ANSWER IS; DA BIZ OWNERS.....especially Da Pizza Biz owners.....do NOT have TIME.....I repeat TIME.....to even Think about ANYTHING OTHER THAN RUNNING DERE OWN BIZ!

HOLY CAMOLY, BOB.....You've been posting on MY stuff fer years! I know that YOU have Biz Promo Experience! It surprises me that YOU would come up with the "COMMON" negative I get from "never-done-anything-an-why doesn't-da-biz owner jus' do it hisself! ....type of comment?

Wowee.....Zowee! Excuse me for exuding some Emotion Here But.....I did NOT expect THIS kinda comment from someone who has "Ben Roun Da Horn".....re: "taking da Bull By Da Horns an....Goin' Fer IT!!

So.....BOB.....because I know what YOU have done AND....are still doing ...... to make a post like you did......causes ME to wonder!

So.....I'm tinkin' dat Bob is "Tinkin'" "Dis guy Don has offended me,somewhere, in da past, SO I gotta give him a Whack on dis here Forum..... .to show dat "I (because I" am so experienced and knowledgeable)........WANT"to show viewers dat.....dis here guy Don...does NOT know diddly bout "Marketing, Sales or Promotion"

Anyways.....Bob-O.....I could go on fer ever BUT.....Tanks Fer responding

Have a good day.

Don Alm

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