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Dien Rice
May 26, 2015, 11:04 PM
Don- I love your posts. Always good stuff and actionable. But I do I have to say you wear your heart on your sleeve. For a guy who is always taking action, you certainly have plenty of time to post on forums. For a sale guy who should be used to rejection, you certainly have pretty thin skin as you always "bristle' when someone questions you. I am not looking for a fight, I am just saying what others are thinking. That said, I think you are one of the most generous, and thoughtful posters on this forum. I hope you continue your generosity. I also hope you realize everyone is not out to vilify you. Please keep up your great work.
Hi Doug,

Zig Ziglar said...

"Selling Is a Transference of Feeling (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32166)"

Have you ever thought... Don's enthusiasm and excitement, is one reason why he's a master salesman?

Enthusiasm... genuine enthusiasm... catches!

As does every other emotion...

And, I can understand Don's frustration.

He shares a lot of "gold" here... And he hears "objections" like, "why don't they just do it themselves?"

For those who may want to know "why," in the case of the pizza places... Don't ask Don. Go to a pizza place and ask them yourself. Easy.

Who cares why they don't? The fact is, they don't! If a curious person wants to do a study, go ahead and do it...

What matters is they don't do it themselves, and there lies the opportunity...

It's not Don's "job" to necessarily know "why" they don't do it - there are probably a dozen or more reasons, a different one for each person. What is more critical is that they don't do it... There's the opportunity...

I think in this case, Joe Cossman hit the nail on the head...

"Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." - E. Joseph Cossman

(Speaking generally, not to anyone in particular...) It's very easy to generate excuses "why" it won't work for you! So, you can sit there, guilt-free, knowing that it wasn't a "real" opportunity anyway... Ha!

I think this is a common psychology, and a common reason why more people don't take advantage of the many opportunities in front of them...

But that's okay, it just means more opportunities for me... :)

(My limit right now is time, so I have to pick and choose. The opportunities are abundant...)

Thank you for your contribution, Doug...

Best wishes,


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