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Don Alm
May 26, 2015, 11:56 PM
Excuse me! I've already "edited" my response to my response to Bob Mc. My ONLY reason to post HERE...in the last year, or so....on a Forum that helped me get outa "Direct-Sales"....belly-to-belly stuff...and into "Digital, ON-Line stuff.....is to "GIVE BACK"

....Give Back to Dien and GJ for starting up this Discussion thingee that got ME interested in NON...face to face selling.

And.....YES....I am VERY PASSIONATE about sales & marketing stuff. These emotions are what has DRIVEN me to MANY, MANY successful ventures where others would have fallen after a few turn-downs.

So.....I will try to NOT be so....aggressive towards Neg comments in the future
again...... My ONLY reason for posting here is to maybe.....impart....some of my SUCCESSFUL experiences.....to others!

Don Alm.....Entroopeneer from waay baack

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