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Don Alm
May 14, 2015, 08:34 PM
Excuse me BUT.....one of my "students" just phoned and told me he has just sold his 30th......I repeat.....THIRTY-ith Pizza Biz for $500 initial and $50O a MONTH!.....FIFTEEN GRAND A MONTH FOR LITTLE OR NO "WORK"!

I'm a "Guts-Ball" kinda guy. I get a "Hot Flash" on how I can make money and.....I GO FOR IT!

Case in point.....a few yrs ago....when cell phones were coming out Big Time...as a Pizza eater from waaay baack.....one night I find myself in line waiting to order a Large Pepperoni and I get one of my "Hot Flashes".

What if there was a Display next to the cash register that said...."Get 10% OFF your order! Scan here!"

So.....(see photo below) I make up a Display.....show it to my Pizza Guy and tell him I can CAPTURE their Contact Info from his customers so that.....he can send them a TEXT message with Special Deals to MOTIVATE them to order a Pizza.....NOW!...whenever he wants to get more business?

So.....I give this to a guy who's almost ready to lose his House and wife and everything. I show him what's involved and how to set it up and.....even go with him on his first few sales calls and, the guy gets INSPIRED and MOTIVATED....when he sees WHAT IS POSSIBLE!

Anyways..... there are THOUSANDS of small Pizza Biz that would LOVE to pay $500 initial and $500 a Month to have a List of customers they can send a Text to....any time they'd like to offer an incentive for them to.....come on IN and order!

Don Alm......idea guy from waay baack

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