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May 6, 2022, 12:06 PM
Even if you haven't left the house in the last 3 days, you can see what people buy in your own home, walk around and just point at things you own, and put it under need or want.

You will find, the needs, like lighting, is also a want. I like pole lamps with 3 different lights on it to shine the light on different areas, whereas some may like decorative lamps, and some old hippies keep lava lamps.

So people buy stuff.

Stuff they need and want. Some things, like Alcohol and Tobacco may be a need due to addictive properties.

Much of what people buy is purchased automatically, due to habit, routines.

People have income, first thing, even for the self employed is to take out taxes, then pay for life expenses; food, clothing and shelter. And each of these are determined by the amount of left over income.

If at any time, you disagree with my premises, pipe up and we'll discuss it.

Here at SowPub we have been very fortunate to have Glenn Osborn share his testing, he is an NLP expert and goes into the field to test.

It is pretty easy, if you have the guts, to distract people in their routines by a big red nose, flashing ice cubes, a magic trick, handwriting analysis, a lotteryy ticket, a confetti cannon, etc., etc. Glenn uses this to get people's RAS to look the other direction, while he slips covert suggestions into their minds.

Good salesman, in face to face, know how to take charge and lead their targets toward the conclusion they want.

Copy writers have to be more skilled, more knowledgable about their target's preoccupations.

And all that you have done so far, if you've actually made a list of wants/needs, is to identify what people buy.

They buy wants and needs.

So, you know your target is preoccupied.

What are you selling? What is your offer? How can you break their preoccupations and get inside their heads and begin the process of helping them come to the conclusion that buying is their own good idea, and when they reach that point, you get to buy a new car.

In other words, the better you get at disrupting a flow of thought, and replacing that with a buy now attitude, the better you will do in writing copy.

Once again, I refer back to the 45 year old tested, and proven Billion dollar formula, the NPGS (as used by Ben Suarez)...

Product, Prospect, Promotion, Media.

All of these have to be rated a 10, any one of the four which are less than 10 will have an impact on sales.

WE today, in this course, are focusing in on the PROMOTION, that is what the Copywriters' do, it is the sales piece, the presentation, the offer to the Prospect.

Then you add in TIMING, which is the most overlooked element, most often ignored by copy gurus who have a tendency to assign success to their words first, and anything else later, if at all.

Writing DO YOU MAKE THESE MISTAKES IN ENGLISH at a time when millions of immigrants came to USA, and wanting and NEEDING to fit in, wanting and needing to have their children become Americans, and the way to fit in any country is to learn and speak the language.

Yes, great copy for that ad. You can see it here complete with analysis, only I am suggesting Roy Furr overlooks TIMING,

That ad resonated with generations of people, and the reason it ran so long, in spite of all copywriting genius claims, (although it is brilliant), is due to the fact MILLIONS of people were coming to America and needed to learn English.

And we see TIMING ignored in many of the "greatest ads ever written",

How does the Marlboro Man do today? It was one of the greatest ads, one of the best marketing campaigns in history, how does it hold up? Well, if Jake and Logan Paul and Gary V. start promoting Marlboros again, whilst wearing cowboy hats, it might do very well.

Anyhow, YOU have to know what the pain is, what the problem is, what the Need is, what the Want is, the desire...you have to know this first thing, before you put a single word on paper.

You do this by identifying if your product/service is a need or a want, or could it be both? If it is one or the other, then you look at WHO needs it, WHO wants it, and why? Many times it isn't about a problem, although that is the default taught in copywriting groups. SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM.

I wonder what problem the Pet Rock solved. I would understand if they were all the names of girls and the target market were the Paul Bros incels, then a Pet Rock named Gloria might solve their problem of being alone after all the singing and dancing is done and the night time comes.

But if you have a product which solves a problem, then GREAT, you are ahead of the game.

Otherwise, you have to create REASONS WHY a target prospect will want to buy from you, and you have to create the urgency to do it now.

Still with me?


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