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May 8, 2022, 08:42 PM
This about online. To get inside their minds, you have to intersect with them.

1 Searches. Search Engines: Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo do you use anything else, I don't. Once searched reddit, but...hey, its reddit.

I think MOST people use Google, YouTube and Bing. (and some eBay)

Which is what SEO, google ads, placement, 3 packs and all that jargon is about, and I will say top two pages, if you are on page 3 of the searches, your dead.

2) YouTube. Yes, it is in 1, but it deserves a special mention on its own, it has become or is rapidly becoming the go to search engine for HOW TO.

3) Groups (Platforms): forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok and eBay. Or AMAZON, the 800 lb gorilla for shopping online.

So you want to test your promotion online? There are many options for targeting, the more targeted the more expensive it can get.

But whichever platform, or group or place you run your ads, you must KNOW with certainty, your avatar, or Ideal Prospect is THERE.

Don't offer golf putters to pro bass fisherman, eh?

Any of this making sense?

Cause the interest other than Dien, who knows this already, doesn't seem to be here, which is OK.

But the good stuff is still to come. And if it is only Dien, I'll just send him everything and not waste any time here, OK?


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