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May 4, 2022, 05:44 PM
Location is very important.

You have touched upon some differences between countries, although the term 3rd and 2nd world might need some definition these days, I get what you are saying.

And those differences, which are habitual in many countries, for example, some countries still have conscription, forced service in military...our draft ended at the end of the Vietnam war.

Knowing that latter day baby boomers, those born 1957 to 64 did not have to face military service, we can identify a clear break in the generation and this one simple fact, if you undestand it, will allow one to create a very specific generational promotion, and just changing a few words, could vastly increase your response rate...

because you are speaking to them (getting inside their heads as Dien says),

and likewise, if your country has free medical or free college, the state of mind of your target is going to be different than those, say in USA who are still paying off student loans a decade after leaving college.

Knowing the circumstances of your targets, and then creating the right kind of intersection goes a long way to getting results.

Too many copywriters, have learned methods, techniques all kinds of gimmicks and formulas for writing, but they totally lack the foundation of understanding why people buy what and when they do.

This NEW course will remedy that.

Day one and two, What do people buy, Want or Need.

Then we'll go from there.


Love it.

All what is "back to basics" with something physical away from screens I love it.

When we think what people BUY, what they WANT and NEEDS we need to add to the quation: WHERE?

1st World Countries are not the same as 2nd World Countries and 3rd World Countries.

On a 1st World Country where self-motivation exists, in 2nd World Countries probably not,at least on the professional arena. If it esists is a tiny % of the population. If it is for personal arena as how to lose fat, attract more women, have a more manly beard, mor muscle, etc maybe.

I don't know if the problem is PROFESSIONAL vs PERSONAL topic or a SELF-MOTIVATION issue.

2nd World Countries people are to "relied" on Government take care on them. So why bother self-development? Socialism take care ouf us.

Also, the general desbelief is important. If in 2nd/3rd Wrld Countries is habit and common to rip off... Hard to convice.

I am trying to sell e-books on DIY business stuff, here in my Country,and I amarroving at these conclusions I am sharing.

Maybe it can be done easily with better salesmanship or/and selling out her type of information on DIY business, as the first and basic steps for business, like How To Legally Register a Business.

My thoughts.

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