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May 4, 2022, 11:42 PM
I don't know if that is true, about socialism, it is a very broad stroke painting.

I do know there are VERY rich people in China and Russia where several generations grew up under communism...today, the rich Asian is such a cliche, they make movies and TV shows about them.

I'm sure Portugal has some very rich people too. Other than line politician's pocket (is it what all oligarchs do, otherwise they're just philanthropists)...

And HOW did they make their money, and what are their workers or minions doing?

I don't believe human ambition disappears in any society, as restrictive as it may be, or as accomodating with services. There ARE people in Portugal starting businesses, some even from home. I have no idea in the world nor a desire to find out, what steps they take to start a business, or make more money. I do not accept the premise ambition and self responsibilty vanishes, there could be a lot of truth to it, in the general sense, but that is where a deeper dive to find the market is needed.

And Greed? How do you define it? I think it is a human instinct to want more, to avoid loss and to gain more, or as animals, to have more pleasure and less pain.

Olgivly and Bird were (are) masters of understanding people, and I don't care who is saying it, but people are BASIC. The fact they live in a society where they are "taken care of" does not negate their basic human wants and needs.

I think you have a huge misconception of urgency and pain. These aren't universal. Take hair loss. A small % of men don't care, but the majority do. And so it becomes a point of pain for them, even more so for a women.

Acne in teens or in adults even, is a very painful condition.

Sure, buying a gold chain or silver bracelet may be self indulgent and a WANT, unless the ego NEEDS it.

If you feel you have tapped out Portugal as far as information products go, why are still pursuing it, why not put that energy and time into selling more trinkets?

You've been beating your head against this wall for a couple of years now, maybe it is time to try something else?

As for self indulgent information, do the women read romance novels, do the guys play games, and if so, what information is being sold to gamers, what cheats? What secrets? Or as from your opinion about your countrymen, we simply must accept the fact that Portugal is a state of satisfied, unmotivated, lazy people who just accept things as they are.

If that is a true picture of your country, then I have nothing else to offer.


"and likewise, if your country has free medical or free college, the state of mind of your target is going to be different than those, say in USA who are still paying off student loans a decade after leaving college. "

Exactly. With all FREE stuff from Government, why the want/need and why the urgency on selling some professional information or services?

With Socialism , ambition, urgency and self responsibility vanishes.

Greed of course doesn't vanish. Maybe greed is the correct appeal instead ambiton.

That's why I study David Ogilvy and he is one of the greats, he had a general vision of Advertising in different Countries and cultures. Drayton Bird is a good study too, both Ogilvy and Drayton are British.

So my experience on selling self indulgent physical products is the easiest to sell,here in my Country.

Question for you Gordon: what self indulgent information products you would consider to sell? I tested "100 Spicy Jokes" e-book and sold. Without profit (that's my current problem on the information products as you know).

The "urgency and pain" type of products... I don't know. Maybe if is only a thing Government cannot provide FREE.

Maybe the "irratonal passion" type of information can work also?

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