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May 4, 2022, 03:57 PM
Love it.

All what is "back to basics" with something physical away from screens I love it.

When we think what people BUY, what they WANT and NEEDS we need to add to the quation: WHERE?

1st World Countries are not the same as 2nd World Countries and 3rd World Countries.

On a 1st World Country where self-motivation exists, in 2nd World Countries probably not,at least on the professional arena. If it esists is a tiny % of the population. If it is for personal arena as how to lose fat, attract more women, have a more manly beard, mor muscle, etc maybe.

I don't know if the problem is PROFESSIONAL vs PERSONAL topic or a SELF-MOTIVATION issue.

2nd World Countries people are to "relied" on Government take care on them. So why bother self-development? Socialism take care ouf us.

Also, the general desbelief is important. If in 2nd/3rd Wrld Countries is habit and common to rip off... Hard to convice.

I am trying to sell e-books on DIY business stuff, here in my Country,and I amarroving at these conclusions I am sharing.

Maybe it can be done easily with better salesmanship or/and selling out her type of information on DIY business, as the first and basic steps for business, like How To Legally Register a Business.

My thoughts.

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