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May 4, 2022, 05:51 PM
"and likewise, if your country has free medical or free college, the state of mind of your target is going to be different than those, say in USA who are still paying off student loans a decade after leaving college. "

Exactly. With all FREE stuff from Government, why the want/need and why the urgency on selling some professional information or services?

With Socialism , ambition, urgency and self responsibility vanishes.

Greed of course doesn't vanish. Maybe greed is the correct appeal instead ambiton.

That's why I study David Ogilvy and he is one of the greats, he had a general vision of Advertising in different Countries and cultures. Drayton Bird is a good study too, both Ogilvy and Drayton are British.

So my experience on selling self indulgent physical products is the easiest to sell,here in my Country.

Question for you Gordon: what self indulgent information products you would consider to sell? I tested "100 Spicy Jokes" e-book and sold. Without profit (that's my current problem on the information products as you know).

The "urgency and pain" type of products... I don't know. Maybe if is only a thing Government cannot provide FREE.

Maybe the "irratonal passion" type of information can work also?

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