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May 4, 2022, 04:34 PM
Thanks Dien,

I want to lay a foundation. See, I think most would be copywriters don't have one to build on. I know all the gurus of copy and what THEY offer.

But the proof of their failure to teach is found in the tens of thousands of copywriters looking for work.

It doesn't matter what THEY teach.

Two days of writing down, WHAT DO PEOPLE BUY? Everywhere you go, every web site visited, have that pen and notebook handy and write down what you see people buying.

Today, so far, having run to the convenience store for a lottery ticket and a Lil Debbie's snack cake...I saw people buying coffee, snacks, cigarettes (a best seller) beer and wine (this at 10 AM and these people were NOT just getting off work)

As I drove the quarter of a mile, usually I walk, but today is trash day in one area and I'm on the lookout for wood, to build a new game...

I also drove past McDonalds and saw along that one block strip people buying ALL kinds of things; haircuts, tires, oil changes, tacos, beauty supply, drugs (a CVS on the corner)

So, tires. Need or want. More than likely a NEED. So my questions on the following pages are, why did they buy their TIRES there, from that guy, when right down the street there are least 3 other options.

As I DO this exercise along with the group, or if it is just me, I will have in 48 hours seen perhaps hundreds of people buying stuff, and I will list them as a NEED or a WANT.

Then, why there>>>to Mike's point of location, and I'll address his post separately.

Why McDonald's vs Taco Bell?

These would be WANTS. And this will tell me wants are fluid. Of course there are those who eat a Big Mac a day, and their addiction may become a need.

Anyhow, I saw trash men picking up perfectly good furniture, and knowing the BOUGHT this service, either billed by the city or an independent trash collection service. A NEED.

Once we have tons of examples (48 hours) of needs and wants.

We can then go into the Maslow Pyramid and begin to get an idea of what the PREOCCUPATION of the moment might be, so as we can then craft our INTERSECTION and have it say or do all the right things to evoke the response we want.

But before you can BREAK their preoccupation, you have to know those are and the first step on that path is to IDENTIFY what they buy, and if that behavior is a habit, a default, due to location, a preference, and is it a need or a want. All of this to get to know that Avatar before you put him in his igloo and throw flaming rocks to get his attention.

We'll make this fun too. Fair enough?


Hi Gordon,

This is great stuff...

I would love more insights on how to get into the MIND of your prospect...

What do they really want?

Thanks... :)

- Dien

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