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May 8, 2022, 10:19 AM

Do a quick search for Zaltman. I think he is a secret weapon of many big corps today. The DEEP METAHPHOR.

All gurus have a THEN and now STORY. Some take pages to give theirs.

I use the BRIDGE metaphor, I normally put it in almost everything I write (reports) that pic and a wad of cash. Metaphors.

You are on this side of the river,
the other side is the land of milk, honey and freedom
Cross the bridge to get there.

here is a step by step way to get across the bridge.

Pert near half of all copy follows the above.

Here you are before you BUY my product, there you are after.

And what do we know of NOW? Can you say INSECURITY/UNcertainty?

So what exactly are the step by step processes to get inside the prospects mind:

I give them later today, in a new step by step post. Hint, there is an igloo involved.


Wow, Gordon, this is truly a masterclass!

I pulled out my copy of Roy Garn's "The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal" for a quick refresher...

When it comes to Joe Karbo, I don't remember him saying much regarding copywriting in "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches"... for that, his ads (https://joekarbo.com/joe-karbo-ads/) are good...

I noticed that in one of Bud Weckesser's ads, he wrote...

"...I had no savings, a desk full of bills and a beat up old station wagon that still wasn't paid for..."

I'm sure many could relate to that feeling (even if their circumstances aren't exactly identical)...

I LOVE Glenn Osborn's positive "shock and awe"... I have no doubt it gets many, many positive results (as he reports)... I read everything he puts out that I can get my hands on... (His books are great.)

I hadn't heard of "Marketing Metaphoria"... Definitely something to get a hold of! Thanks!

Also... I love the cliffhanger!

Can't wait for more! :)

Best wishes,


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