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April 9, 2010, 12:32 PM
AND bada B OO M Glenn Beck becomes an overnight sensation...his old show had an audience, but, it was after he POLARIZED the people...and got the smaller numbers but the more ARDENT followers...then other's jumped on the band wagon.

I agree with you Ankesh re polarization. I might argue INTENT comes first and is paramount to knowing why you want to polarize.

IF Glenn does polarize people, then he does so for a reason. He is very good at what he does and his fans and followers and CUSTOMERS have done him well.

I "had" that tendency many moons ago, only it was Love/Hate, not much ambivalence toward me...you should read my hate mail...

not much these days, but back then...my "opinions" were lightning rods which attracted all sorts of thunder...HA!

Now I'm old and mellow, and without opinion, and UNIVERSALLY loved too.

Ah, the UNpolarized masses of affection...have driven me to the poor house. I was better off telling people to kiss my ****...HA!


Actually - polarization increases the response rate.

A. Do you want to be mediocre for 100% of the population?

B. Or do you want 10% of the population to absolutely go gaga over you while letting the other 90% hate you?

B wins almost every time.

Thats why Fox News has become the biggest news cable channel out there.


(Not sure where I was tsk-ing any headlines... I thought your #3 was pretty good actually.)

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