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April 8, 2010, 03:07 PM
Hi Glenn...

I really appreciate you trying to help me.

For years you have been a complete enigma to me.

I am soon to be 51 years old. Who knows how many years I have left on the planet. So, I must ask myself how much time I should devote to trying to figure you out.

On the one hand, you seem to know what you're talking about. And you seem to be successful -- maybe even under-the-radar super successful -- I can't tell.

I see your ebay auction descriptions -- which force me to say, "HUH?!?!" or sometimes "Who in the WORLD is taking this seriously?!?!" -- Then I see dozens of bids, rising to tremendous amounts -- AND getting 100% RAVE REVIEWS -- thus forcing me to say, "DOUBLE HUH!?!? -- CAN'T BE -- but it *IS*!!"


And, who knows what else you've got going -- equally successful.

On the other hand, you seem to be the James Joyce of copywriting. I guess your copywriting MUST be 'hypnotic' -- cuz it sure ain't lucid.

As for myself...

I'm trying to...

A) Get positive responses to my solicitations (from small biz owners + other audiences)


B) Not get carted off to the looney bin

I must get my message across -- without running the risk the recipient might think
the sales letter is a manifesto from the uni-bomber.

Please, Glenn, don't get me wrong -- if YOU are successful doing what you're doing -- MORE POWER TO YA!!

But, as for ME seeing + catching on to what you are doing (copywriting-wise) -- you lost me.

The verbal ball of wool is too difficult (for ME) to untangle. It just takes too much 'meditation' (or medication?)

There's quirky -- then there's around-the-bend quirky.

With the limited time I have left in (productive) life, I must be VERY VERY choosy about whuch 'gurus' I pick to 'glorify.'

At a this point I have to take each 'book' -- hold it up next to my face -- look myself SQUARELY in the mirror, and ask -- "Am I ever ***REALLY*** gonna read this book???"

If the answer is 'no,' I MUST (for my own sanity), put the book down forever, and move on.

Spending money wisely is important, spending time wisely is important -- and spending "glorification capital" wisely is perhaps most important of all.

I'm NOT saying the emperor (in this case) has no clothes -- in fact, I'm sure the emperor DOES have clothes. I'm saying *I* personally am unable to see the clothes -- and I've officially given up trying.

Yes -- I understand -- It's probably my loss. Acres of diamonds, blah, blah.


-- TW

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