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April 9, 2010, 02:34 PM
Hey TW....with "Shoeleather On the Ground" type of projects (GJ's words absolutely describes what I do)....the "Alm-type" projects...do NOT use any kind of "PRE-Qualifiying" sales piece! It's a waste of time & money!

MY kinda projects are NOT "Mail Order" where you're looking to get prospects to send you a check. MY projects are..."WHAM, BAM, THANK YA, MAAM!" and there's ONLY 2 ways to get "leads" for these;

1) Phone Calls to OWNERS of businesses...introduce yourself, tell him what you're doing and where...how he can benefit (what's in it for him)...and I tell them, "It's too hard to explain on the phone, would you have a Quick Minute this afternoon or would tomorrow morning be better?"
Only problem with the Phone is; Prospects CAN'T SEE your Full Color Sample and it's Too Easy to turn you down.

2) In person Cold Calls....I just barge in...find the owner...show him my sample...explain what it does and where it's going. I wait for him to ask me "How Much"...I then tell him and offer an incentive to BUY NOW (I usually drop the $30 Setup Fee)....and write up the order.

Granted...you may "burn extra gas" because the Hardest part of doing these projects is..."Finding The Owner IN!"

However...a few weeks ago, when I was returning from a trip to Eugene, OR, as I was coming to a tiny town called Creswell, OR...I saw a newly built Comfort Inn on the side of the highway. I turned in...showed the GM one of my sample TV Channel Guides...he have permission to put them into his rooms.

I then went to the Pizzeria he suggested....sold the owner a space on the front...went next door to a Chinese Restaurant (sold her)...then across the street to a family rest (sold the sisters)...then to a Beauty Salon (sold her)

Whammo...Bango...$1800 in less than 2 hours.

You will NOT get biz owners to respond on any of MY Advertising programs by mailing something to them! Period! End!

However...if you are selling "Websites" or "Website Enhancement" programs, that's a different ballgame!

I make up a Full Color PostCard of a businesses website (the top of the home page)...place in some of the problems I see or what I would do to improve it, with white Quote Boxes and arrows pointing.

THAT will GRAB their attention! Why? Because it is THEIR OWN WEBSITE they are looking at...on the PostCard! This is POWERFUL!

I can send you a Sample of what I'm referring to if you send me a PM. This is CRAZY! I use Send Out Cards to do this. Out of 20 PostCards sent out last week...EIGHT responded with wanting to know more.


I think SOC still charges $99 to join.

So...you can also give me a call.

Don Alm....STILL selling

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