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September 23, 2010, 01:42 AM
Thanks Monte,

The "Trick Question" you asked about -- changes from situation to

Basically you ask a Question that FORCES them to hunt for the boss. Or
requires the Manager to come to the phone.

In this situation we "FORCED" them to give us their fax #.

Case Study -

A customer wanted to fax a sales letter to a series of Veterinarian Clinics
in Modesto, CA.

He called me to complain.

"Nobody will give me their fax #'s."

I told him to put me on the phone with ANYBODY who said "No."

Ring Ring...

"Hello, Robbers and Thieves Veterinarian Clinic Sophie speaking."

I said, "I Owe You MONEY. But I can't read the invoice You sent me for my
wife's FUZZ FACED Monster. Can You Give Me a Fax # so I can clear this up.
And PAY You?"

Sophie says, "Sure, here's the # sir. 000-000-0000

This is what I mean by a "trick question."

If it's a CEO you want to call cold - the "Trick Question" takes some Prep
time. Clients hire me to get them on the phone with CEO's or Affluent Biz
Owners in ONE Phone call. So I've had practice.

If it's a successful business owner, you do a little research Before you call.

Each situation is Unique.

But GREED Inducing "Trick Questions" are usually safe. The SIZE of the
phone BRIBE is all that changes. And knowing what they want. AND what
keeps them awake nights. Worrying.

EZ to spot in their Trade Journals.


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