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September 23, 2010, 02:45 PM
Thanks Monty,


The more successful the biz owner the larger your "Trick Question."

At a local networking group meeting the owner was talking about
having a local country club host his event.

"But I can't seem to get the owner of the Country Club
on the phone. And the Manager says he can't make the decision."

I got his permission to do some research.

Didn't Tell him WHAT the research was. "The Research" was a variation
of my "Trick Question."


A client paid Emeril Lagasse 50K to host a Vinters/Golf weekend. When I
looked him up Emeril had just opened a "ChopShop" at the Sands Casino
in Bethlehem, PA.

So I called the most expensive Baltimore Country Club to ask, "Who Do
I talk to in order to Find Out what dates and times are available to Rent
Your Entire Country Club facility for a weekend?

"My client wants to fly Chef Emeril Lagasse down from a visit to his
Bethlehem, PA Restaurant to host a cooking competition btwn
local Restaurant Chefs. (I'd been involved in a smaller event competition for
a Local Charity.)

Charity donations by guests who want a chef to come home and cook a meal
- go to the Cal Ripkin Sr kids Charity.

"Then I name dropped the owners of several Other Local Resorts-Country
Clubs and Plus the Name of their BIG BOSS. The biggest investor.

THE MANAGER came on the line. Ended up giving me the Private Ph #
of his boss... When we couldn't reach him right away.

Did I Lie or even exaggerate?


No Project goes as planned. It IS a good idea. But I Knew I was Probly calling in too tight a window. So it was SAFE to call and ask.
AND IF he said "YES".

Easy to contact local Charity, Casino Investors, call up The ChopShop to get
Emerils Schedule and Fee for the project.

Some variation of the idea IS Very POSSIBLE.

After all, Emeril has done this before for OTHER Country Clubs.


To talk directly with the Big Boss.

We did talk. But he couldn't do it that season. Already booked. But our
conversation bopped back to other, smaller, Projects and options...


What it would cost the local Networking Co owner to host his Big Event at
the Country club instead of a local Banquet Facility.

By the way...

The Swanky Country Club wanted an arm and a leg. And the schedules didn't
match up. So it was "No Go."

But fun to Chat with the owner. (And a new name/# in the rolodex is a good


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