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April 9, 2010, 02:14 PM
Dear TW,

Thanks for giving us more info.

I agree with Gordon. Forget the headlines.

I've consulted with several guys who sell advertising on Pizza Boxes.

The 1st Guy in New York - Basically bribed managers and gave kickbacks.
The owner never knew. You probly don't want to imitate him. (I tried to
help him use Legit ideas)

Guy #2 - Was part owner of a Georgia radio station. So he used unsold
space to pitch his Pizza Box Advertising. (Not a good fit for you, either)

Guy #3 - You might like, however. He's in Vermont.

A - He made a list of all the retail owners in a zip code.
B - Called on the phone to check the owner/manager was there. (Heh, heh -
he had a trick question that got him the TRUTH. Tricky to splain here.)
C - Walked in the door with a Pizza Box full of ADS - EXCEPT a Deli.

The pitch was - "Are YOU going to advertise here. Or are you going to let
one of your Deli owning competitors (He showed them the list) get all this
business? - 10,000 pizza boxes go out every week.

Try that.

Forget the Headlines.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - TW - I appreciate your comments. My writing makes some LAUGH
while it puzzles others.

The ones who LAUGH (& profit) - buy everything I do. Those people are my
niche market.

P.P.S. - This is the guy who made 9 Grand in 5 days from an idea in my
book. A note he just sent me. "GREETINGS, Glenn!! I have been
experimenting with some ideas in "Ugly Copywriting" that I bought. You
have added some excitement to my life."

And my Ebay -writing for money- Hobby is FUN.

Another 365 day guaranteed - best seller on Ebay...(6 visible sales and a lot
more direct to me)

"Napoleon Hill GHOST MIND - Video Book"


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