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August 15, 2013, 11:07 AM
CHAPTER #7 - How an Apartment Manager Memorized 250 Temp
Employee Names with One Handshake Intro Each

Here's the Case Study:

Please notice that depending on what usage
you plan for some Case Studies/Testimonials
By changing the Title you can shift
the emphasis around.

In This Case We're focusing around
Wgt Loss using Mother Natures nutrition.


"I Ate Like a Horse But Still Pulled My Belt
In a Notch"

Dear Glenn,

On my second day at a new job as Apartment Manager my boss
handed me a clipboard. Pointed to a huge truck outside.

Said, "You're just in time. We bought all new furniture for 400 apartments
so I called The ManPower Temp Agency and they're sending a few 100
manual laborers over to help you install it."

I never had that good a memory before. But somehow I memorized
everybodies name. The Super Sprouts, Spectrabiotic digestive Algae
and the Omega mineral algae were like magic.

Funny. I didn't realize anything was different. But the big boss showed
up during a morning meeting with the men. And I went around the room
and reeled off the names like clockwork.

Everybody was looking at me. "How did you DO that?"

So Thanks for making me look good. I just got a glowing EVAL Report
and a Raise.

A funny thing. Even though I wasn't used to heavy labor. And was older
and heavier than many of the TEMP guys. I was able to keep going until
5pm every day. 7 am to 5pm is a long day.

I was both helping unpack. Lift beds and living room and dining furniture
off trucks for two weeks. But I was able to keep track of what went where.

And Inspite of eating like a horse I pulled my belt in a notch.

Very nice.

Alan Baer
Baltimore, MD



As you see the above is a story based Testimonial.

It talks about Before and After.

Explains several Benefits:

A - Better memory

B - Looking good to the boss

C - Great Evaluation at work and a raise

D - More stamina and No-Thinking-Wgt Loss

What You Can't see is the way I wrote
the Headline for the Testimonial.

I read thru it.

Then lifted Alan's Words from the end of his story. Stuck
it up top.

Often when I'm writing something I'll start with
a working Title. FIRST DRAFT.

Then find a better Headline Buried in the

You should do this too.


Up next.


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