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August 20, 2013, 08:00 PM

I added This INTRODUCTION on top.

Here is your Opportunity to BORROW ideas you can use in your own writing.
Or If you do it differently - Teach me some new tricks.

I - You can write and control everything on a page with some very simple
Html code. I learned it from Ebay.

<center> <center>
<li> </li> list

II - The code at the top and bttm of this intro I got from SowPub.
It keeps the copy nice and narrow and easy to read.

<p><table align="center" width="650" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
<td valign="top"><font face="arial" size="2" color="#000000">

<p><b><center>How to Write Case Studies and Testimonial Stories that SLAP
Your Readers Awake</center></b>



<p>CH #1 - STOP Boring Readers-Use Specific Benefits

<p>CH #2 - How We Got Randy's 250 Pound War Dog "Sister" to Lose Weight So She Didn't Suffer So Much in The 120 Degree Texas Heat

<p>CH #3 - How to Chop Up a Long WAR DOG Weight Loss Story into a Short Weight Loss Testimonial.

<p>CH #4 - 15 Pound Weight Loss Testimonial

<p>CH #5 - Why Our 34 Lb Cat *Flip* Suddenly Started Chasing Chipmunks Up The Brick Walls of The House

<p>CH #6 - A Good Looking Testimonial That SUCKS Because it Chases People Away. (This is a Very Common But Deadly Mistake.)

<p>CH #7 -

<p>CH #8 -

<p>CH #9 -

<p>CH #10 -




<p>Because I chose to borrow (With Permission) Testimonials and Case Studies from a mentors website to use as examples for this “HOW-TO-WRITE-Memorable-Case-Studies” book...

<p> A website that supports 12 million dollars a year in Wild Minerals grown by Mother Nature. I’ve been given an education is writing within the law.

<p>#1 - No Company names

<p>#2 - We’ve Changed the names of all of the Testimonial Authors

<p>#3 - We had to remove all Specific Vitamin or mineral product names.


<p>We’ve been doing this for 20 years in my own Ezine and In The Sales Letters for 77 NLP Info products - so far.


<p>FIRST - People are much more generous with embarrassing details in their Endorsements or Case Studies when you Change their names to Rosie. Or Buster. Or Zammer.

<p>SECOND - The Specific Details and Benefits are ALL there. And Only Those Who Want to know More NEED to Hear THE REST OF THE DETAILS and Story.

<p>THIRD - Product names and Corporate Company names Get in the way of telling the Story, anyway. So You Aren’t missing anything.

<p>Just the Reverse, actually.

<p>This will be good practice for your own Copywriting efforts for Yourself and for clients.


<p>If you want your Endorsements and Case Studies to Be Different than the others Include Specific points and benefits.

<p>Wanna’ see BAD Testimonials?

<p>Visit Amazon.com and read the Reader Comments listed under any book. Especially NON-FICTION. I dare you to find many that are worth a darn.

<p>If a book gave you an idea that made you munny, helped you manage people or saved you time SAY SO.

<p>But other-wise - shut up.



<p>So I’m Ticked off. Turns out the #1 reason folks get on the internet is to TALK. And most don’t have anything much to say. In my humble opinion.

<p> </font></td>

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