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August 17, 2013, 01:45 PM
CHAPTER #10 - How to Write a Testimonial Even Though The Client
Won't Talk to You.


When a consulting client hires me I always send them a few bottles of SUPER
SPINACH. Too boost their brain-power and energy.

Self interest on my part really. Less work for ME if the client can suddenly
think faster and doesn't sleep as much.

I met Charlie at a Marketing seminar.

I asked him, "How do You get Clients to pay you 50% of anything you save
them from your medicare consulting?"

Charlie said, "I attend symposiums full of Nursing Home Managers and
owners. Talk to the people sitting beside, in front and in back of me. And
they ALL hire me.

In my research for Charlie we went after BIG FISH. We discovered 2
brothers in Texas who owned 364 Nursing Homes.


How to GRAB 2 Billionaires' Attention?

So I wrote a 2 page Summary of what Charlie did. He quit working for
Blue Cross Blue Shield. Used the most clever ideas he'd found Nursing
Home owners using all over the USA to boost his own Nursing Home clients

Measuring the Sq Footage of a building all the way to the outside of the walls.

Using the stairs for "Exercise."

All kinds of cool stuff.

We'd helped Charlie DOUBLE his income. And I'd find him working at 1 am.
I'd hear him jumping up and down (He'd call me on the phone all excited
when he found another million in savings for a client.)

Or taking walks with his sister - instead of sitting in front of the Computer.
She liked all his extra energy. And the fact he was healthier and skinnier.

But NOT his longer hours.

THEN we got FIRED.

It happened like this.

I'd written 2 pages to Explain How Charilie saved Nursing home Clients
Millions - Retroactively.

AND Gotten one Nursing Home Manager to write us a Testimonial showing
he was able to claim 2.3 million extra on his Blue Cross insurance claims.

AND my big coup...

I Wrote Letters to 2 other Nursing Home Managers who wouldn't send me

Quoting their year by year increases in Blue Cross compensation. Charlie
tracked everything.


A - Letter to clearly State What Charlie did
B - 2 Testimonials from a Hospital and a Nursing Home
C - 1 Letter I wrote TO Charlie's biggest Nursing Home Manager
D - An outline of 14 Nursing Homes in Michigan - where Charlie discovered
32 million in hidden moolah - And said he could go back Retro-actively and
get munny re-imbursed from previous years too.

Called the 2 billionaire brothers Nursing Home Manager on the phone. And
He did not believe what Charlie did was possible.

So we Federal Expressed our A, B, C PROOF.

Then called him back on MONDAY.

THE MAN WAS GONE! His secretary and staff didn't know where he was.

Runaway and got married?

Then THE MANAGER called me from an airplane.


He Explained. He'd taken our package across the hall to the 2 brothers.
They'd thrown his butt on a night-owl flight to Michigan to FIND THE MUNNY.

Because they didn't want to pay Charlie 50% of what he'd uncovered!

AND that's how we got FIRED by Charlie.

Actually I blame his sister.

Charlie would have kept paying us to systematize what he did so he didn't
have to work such long hours.

THE SISTER wanted us gone.

We'd landed a billionaire client with over 300 Nursing Homes for Charlie
to work on. She figured Charlie didn't need any more consulting.

Used to happen a lot.

We've gotten better about NOT blowing the doors off a clients business
since then. WHO KNEW we could close a billionaire client in a weekend.

Using only 6 or 8 sheets of paper?


The point of Chapter #10 is this...

You can mix A letter full of specific bottom line Benefits you've helped
clients obtain With Testimonials and Case Studies from others.

Case Study
Thank You Letter to a Client Listing How much he made
Case Study

It doesn't have an much Oooomp as a customer written Endorsement. But
if you give enough details YOUR LETTER is very effective.

GREED is very motivating IF you Can Show & Tell The Proof in Print!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Stay Tuned for A BONUS CHAPTER - "SQUEAKY the 1/2 Starved Cat We
Caught In A Humane Trap Instead of the Raccoon Eating Our SweetCorn."

Squeaky was abandoned. Hid a litter of kittens under our wood pile. So
My challenge was to help her gain weight fast so she could nurse her 4

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