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August 14, 2013, 07:15 PM
CHAPTER #5 - Why Our Our 34 Lb Cat *Flip* Suddenly Started Chasing Chipmunks Up The Brick Walls of The House

At our house we are surrounded by farms.

There is a dairy down the road. And a butcher in a nearby town.

Cats everywhere. As a kid a local farmer showed me how to spray milk
directly from a cow into a cats mouth. Comical. The cat's face gets covered
in milk. But they love it.

So we have a cat.

Not just any cat, however.

Our Cat Is
A Little Bit CRAZY

Our cat is a Rapscalian. A card. A real Character. A little bit crazy. We
picked him out because of all the cats lounging around the barn. One cat
was doing FLIPS off of boards, out of windows. Chasing his tail and anything
that moved.

But after a few years FLIP got old and fat.

We had some cans of condensed milk in the cupboard. So I mixed a few
pinches of Omega Super Spinach into a saucer of milk.

Didn't pay much attention.

Our Bored, FatCat
Flip Suddenly
Jumped on a Dog

But a few days later there was a BIG RUCKUS outside. Flip had jumped off
the woodpile onto the back of a 150 pound labrador retriever. The dog
had been coming onto our porch to clean up any leftover cat food left in the

That dog Howled and yipped and screamed bloody murder with four sets
of claws in his hide.

Ran like the dickens. FLIP hanging on for dear life. And we never saw that dog again.

I thought, "I wonder what suddenly got into that crazy cat."

But soon I had other things on my mind.

Started Showing

Dead birds and mice started showing up on the porch. And a flying squirrel.
FLIP was showing off for us.

But the LIVE Chipmunk entertainment was the worst.

FLIP suddenly had lots of energy. And when he gets bored things get Crazy.

So Flip began to bring perfectly healthy chipmunks onto the porch. It was
kinda' cute the way FLIP would bat the chipmunk around like an old sock.

But Chipmunks don't enjoy being played with. They jump up and down
on their hind legs. Try to bite and squeak.

And when I walked too close one of the little rascals ran up my pants leg.

ONE GUESS what happened next?

You got it. Flip chased his pet chipmunk up my leg. I had claw marks
all the way up my body for a week.

Here's a little known fact for you:

Did you know chipmunks can run up a brick wall?

Yes, it's true.

But even stranger is this next fact. Our 30 pound NUTSO Cat Flip can run
up brick walls too.

Someday You'll Need
To Know How to
Keep Your Cat
From Climbing
Your Walls Too.

So picture this...

The cat is chasing his live action toy up the brick wall. I'm trying to knock
the chipmunk off the wall. A brother and a parent yelling in the background.

Nobody wants chipmunks on the roof, after all.


Nobody ever asked me, "Glenn, why are you bored by hockey and baseball
and lacrosse?"

I have a very good reason. The hockey ball or baseball or lacrosse ball
is not Alive. It doesn't move.

It was my job to stand with a broom between the latest chipmunk and the
house. Grass, sidewalk, concrete porch. It didn't matter.

When the chipmunk made a dash for a window or door or tried to run
up the brick wall - WHOOSH with the broom. I swept his brown striped
little body back between FLIP'S paws.

So if your pet doesn't have a hobby I say, "You don't know what you're missing."

ACTION SUMMARY - Before and After Result...


There is no Easy way to turn my Weight Loss Story about Flip-the-cat into a
short Case Study.


Let's take a stab at it.

And focus on the BEFORE and AFTER effects or results.

Before and After are good effects to shoot for when writing a Case Study.
Or a Testimonial. Or any story.

WHY Our Cat Suddenly Chases
Chipmunks Up The Wall

Because Flip had gotten old and fat I mixed some of my personal supply
of Super Spinach in his condensed milk.

Suddenly he was acting like Snoopy the Red Baron. Jumping on big dogs
who invaded his porch inner sanctum. Bringing all kinds of varmints home.

Dead moles, birds, mice all neatly lined up by the back door.

But the Chipmunks were still ALIVE. And that's how I know for a fact
that both chipmunks and cats have claws enough to run up a brick wall.

They'll run up your pants leg too. But that only happened one time. I was
on high alert after that.

Why tell you this?

So You are Warned not to feed your cat or dog or hamster too much
of your supply of Super Spinach Omega minerals.

Your sleepy little ball of fur may suddenly behave like Superman or WondorWoman or some Super villain.

At least NOW you are Prepared.

That came out better than expected.

Up Next...

CHAPTER #6 - A Good Looking Testimonial That SUCKS Because it Chases
People Away. This is a Very Common But Deadly Mistake.

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