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August 13, 2013, 11:26 PM
CHAPTER #3 - How to Chop Up a Long WAR DOG Wgt Loss Story
into a Short Weight Loss Testimonial.


What do we remember most from the WAR DOG Wgt Loss Story in Chapter #2?

Let's make a short list:

I - Randy is patriotic. 2 tours in Iraq is a lot.

II - Randy loves his dog.

III - Sister has a HUGE GAPING Maw of a mouth.

IV - The Military must have a huge stockpile of Agent Orange lying around.

V - There are breeds of dogs out there
scarier than we knew about!

VI - We Tested Several Different Mother-Nature-Natural Weight Loss Products
on People BEFORE We Gave Them to a Dog!


That's a Great Testimonial Headline.

How We Tested A Natural Wgt Loss Mineral
on A Dozen People Before We Gave it to
*Sister* The War Dog

My friend Randy came back from Iraq
with a problem named "Sister."

Sister is a 250 pound War Dog
trained to rescue Wounded Soldiers.

But Sister Only Took Directions from Randy
so he was told, "Take her home or we'll
have to shoot her."

So Randy has a 250 lb monster Dog
living in his house.

Eating Raw Steak two times a day.
A War Machines used to Frigid air
conditioned compounds at night.

Sister is not doing well in 120 degree
Texas heat. So Plan A is to get her
to lose some weight.

Her mouth is big enough. Randy says
his head fits in there easy. But Sister
has been trained to avoid poisons.

Won't eat anything outside her food

Based on my previous Experience
feeding Super Spinach Minerals
to people Who Promptly
Feel so much Extra Energy they
start walking and exercising...

I suggested to Randy that he get
Some Super Spinach vitamins into
Sister too.

How to Slip Nutrition down Sister's
Suspicious throat. A problem.

I asked some friends how they
sneak vitamins down their dog/cat
pets throats.

One man said, "Peanut butter!

So Randy wrapped whole handfuls
of peanut butter around 20 capsules
of Acidophilus and Super Omega Algae.

Stuck fistfuls of Peanut Butter
to the roof of Sister's mouth.
While she was busy licking it off
she swallowed the vitamins.

BINGO. Soon instead of lying around
panting... Sister is running and playing
outside. Night time mostly.

Randy didn't want to scare the neighbors
cuz a giant 250 Lb War Dog Covered
with bullet scars Gamboling around
the yard is not a happy sight.

Result? Sister's Extra Energy PLAY-TIME
Shed the Extra pounds and she is breathing a lot

As told by
Randy Collins
Dallas, TX

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