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August 16, 2013, 07:21 PM
CHAPTER #9 - Why People Don't Remember Stories in Any Particular Order
And SKIP FACTS & How This HELPS Your Write Their Testimonials.

You heard me.

A bad out-of-order story teller often makes a fantastic Testimonial
or Case Study.

How does that work - you ask?


I read a Scientific American article that said that for each person or item
of information we have ONE BRAIN CELL.

So it's no wonder that we sometimes LOSE a name. Or a location or Data
particle among billions of brain cells!

The Advantage is:

People remember by linking one face or fact to another. So if you
Listen and let them talk you will hear some Amazing details you'd
never have believed that person would come up with.

Here's what I do.

I listen and take notes.

Willy nilly.

Just to get facts - features and benefits in the page.

THEN I Ask their Permission:

May I have your Permission to write what you told me up? Then
send it to you to be sure I've got it all correct?


They are always happy to have someone ELSE do the work of
writing up their recollection.

Another SECRET to getting Case Studies.


Let's look at how this might work for an already written Testimonial.

FIRST the Testimonial.

SECOND - My raw outline.

THIRD - My 10, 9, 8, 7 order outline.


I have started on New Earth's Essentials and lost 4 belt notches in 4 weeks. I
have no allergy symptoms and I wake up alert and refreshed. I eliminated
coffee from my diet and I am eating mostly raw vegetarian now. I have a lot
more energy than before.

The New Earth products that I use are the basic essentials, heart essentials
and beauty essentials. I like the convenience of the Essentials products.

I also love the BGBars as well and I take E12 enzyme capsules once or twice
each day.

I now have a much smaller appetite. I have an almond milk with cacao and
Simply SBGA smoothie every morning. I eat a large raw veggie salad as my
other meal of the day, most days.

I'm so grateful for New Earth's products.

Ken Kennell
Maui, Hawaii

SECOND - The rough outline of facts.

Big Belly got smaller just from digestive enzymes

IF we calculate a belt notch as 2 lbs - 4 notches is 8 lbs.

No jittery side effects

Major Change - Felt so much energy he doesn't need coffee

Major Change - Started eating mostly vegetarian

Is eating 6 different "New Earth" mineral products

Feels less hunger

Drinking almond milk instead of cow milk

Drinking a smoothie for breakfast

Only eats 2 meals a day. Large raw veggie salad is meal #2

THIRD - Put in order of Importance - 10, 9, 8

10 -Pulled in belt 4 notches in 4 weeks

9 - Feels less hungry

8 - Feels more energy without coffee

7 - Smoothie and almond milk for breakfast

6 - Big raw veggie salad for other meal

5 - Started eating mostly vegetables - vegetarian



I'd like to know more.

What he didn't tell us was his REASON WHY for making such a quick
drastic change.

Sounds like he switched to vegetarian in 4 weeks. Suddenly started
eating only 2 meals a day. A smoothie and salad - mostly liquid.

Did he have a Heart Attack?

It would take something drastic to FORCE such a Rapid Change.


If I didn't suddenly Get Arthritis caused by Foods in the Nightshade family
and wheat, I'd still be eating tomatoes, potatoes, wheat bread and pizza.

I still cheat on my diet.
And limp when I do.

In my opinion a 3rd party interviewer would have ASKED Questions to explain
what in the SAM HILL happened to force such a rapid change.

Because the Super Spinach products alone - didn't fix my arthritis. I ALSO
had to change what I ate. Or WAKE myself up screaming when I rolled over
in my sleep.

How do I Know Ken isn't telling us the WHOLE STORY?

Because I've talked to folks who wouldn't change what they eat

My Point?

Listen to your Testimonial.

Read the Case Study out loud.

ASK yourself, "What did I leave out or skip over?"

The actual person who Experienced or Lived the Case Study is often too
close to the story to understand the Importance of telling THE REASON WHY
Behind his or her behavior.


Next Up...


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