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August 17, 2013, 11:37 PM
Thanks for reading my Book About Copywriting,

A Golden Rule of Success.

Find and help mentors.

Don't ask permission. Just Grab Hold and LIFT.

GO THE EXTRA 100 Miles to Help Successful Golden Rule Mentors.


My Major goal was to write an Entertaining Book using Barb's Testimonials
that did 3 things...

Thing #1 - Made Barb Smile

Thing #2 - Made Barbara LAUGH.

Thing #3 - Got Barbara thinking thoughts such as, "I wonder if any of my
13,000 customers would ALSO ENJOY this book?"

Thing #4 - Perhaps Some of those same Super Spinach eating 13,000
customers might email the book to THEIR buyers and prospects.

JUST SUPPOSE The 10 Chapter Book Persuaded 50% or 5000 of Barb's
Buyers to purchase 100.00 More Super Spinach products EACH.

That's 500,000.00 Smackers

JUST Suppose The Goofy Super Spinach Wgt Loss Book helps Convince
1000 people to become new "Associates" and order 150.00 of Super Spinach
A month.

Let me get my pencil.

Ok. 150.00 X 12 months = 1800.00

Scratching my head - chewing on my pencil.

AND 1800.00 X 1000 new customers = 1.8 million dollars

1.8 plus .5 million = 2.3 million simoleons


Just Maybe.

Perhaps It's possible that Barb might want to do this again.

And since I've got this idea to create a Puppy Dog/Crazy Cat/Zany People
Cartoon Series from my silly Alt-Health MAGIC-MINERAL stories.

Using DOG TREATS Stuffed with SUPER SPINACH Essentials - given to
Dog Walkers, Pet Vets, Pet Stores, SPCA Pet Cage Warehouses,
And Super Pet Food Stores
Collect the WONDERFUL Before and After Dog & Cat Stories.

(EDITORS NOTE - Yes I know I have to figure out a better way of Getting
Minerals into finicky cats.)

AND Barb has 100's more Testimonials About Pets.

And Case Studies in the EXTRA ENERGY without Coffee arena.

And Better Health and Pain Relief Niches.

Barbara might Mail me a LOLLIPOP and a Note with a Red Sticker
And an A+ on top like my 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs Myers did.

Surprising things will happen.

All Fantastically good.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Or course I'll post the book on Kindle for .99 and sell it on my
New-Munny-Making-Idea - Testing Ezine Archive for 1.00...

And write about our Weird ADVENTURES in the Free Ezine - too.

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