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August 16, 2013, 05:20 PM
CHAPTER #8 - Department of Motor Vehicles FUN & GAMES. How I OUT-THUNK The Employees At The DMV & You Can Too.


When I entered the DMV Torture room there were 13 Substations inside a giant open space. One employee at each desk.

And a heavy-set Russian Lady at the front door. AND A LINE.

I arrived at 2pm - late in the day.


Because Coffee drinkers get buzzed/fuzzy late in the day. They want to go
home. And most folks at the DMV are chubby and over-weight. So after a
day of filling out forms via computer screens.

And taking photos of UNhappy drivers...

Their eyes hurt.
Feet hurt.
Joints ache.
Headache too.

I confirmed this at the DMV. Squinting, fidgety, slumping, limping workers
are EZ to spot.

How did I Predict all of this Before I arrived?

HUMAN NATURE does not change.

I had a job at a Big University. I managed 500 Janitors and maintenance
men. They'd literally RUN out to their cars at 5pm. Race each other
out of the parking lot.

Literally last week a little brunette cashier named Jessica LOCKED me into
her STAPLES office supply store. She pulled the huge metal grate over the
front door 30 minutes BEFORE closing.

I had two Tasks at the DMV Circus:

I - Renew my drivers license
II - Transfer Title and Tags

My Computer # was I-17. I remember it well because the computerized
voice called it THREE times in 3 hours. (They don't use names. Just a #.)

2 PM - The heavyset Russian lady Gave me a # and 3 Forms to fill out.

2:30PM - A heavy Black lady typed in my Insurance data and charged me
110.00 to transfer the truck title.

3Pm - I sat - watched 2 kids beat each other up. Until their Dad sat btwn them

3:30PM - I sat - Watched SCARY - chubby folks in wheelchairs, crutches,
limping behind rolling walkers and canes GET Handicapped Drivers Licenses.

4PM - WHOOPEE. Bored Employees Sat Up and Worked Faster.

1st - I-17 got called. A Brunette sat there. Hair in a pony tail. My Registration Card was 3 years old. She didn't care.

2nd - My License was beat up. Dirty. Photo and Social Smudged. She
didn't care.

3rd - Ms Pony Tail Raced Across the room and WAVED at me. I hurried over
to a black guy with Dreadlocks. He typed in some more computer forms.

Took my photo. Charged me 24.00

4th - 2 Minutes later. An Asian lady next to him waved at me. She handed
me my laminated Drivers license.

4:15PM - there were BARS and Red Traffic Cones and Yellow TAPE over
the entrance door. The Russian lady had to un-bar, unlock, un-tape 2
sets of doors to let me out!

A I tell my White-faced and sweating Clients after an hour of Brainstorming
ideas for their business in a conference room.

go lie down and rest cuz they can't use their BRAINS for very long without

"You Should eat Super Spinach like me. That way you can Out-Think and
out-work your coffee, red bull guzzling competitors."

Obviously a little Extra Brain-Power helps in the struggle
against coffee drinking - McDonalds fake-food eating - DMV workers too.




Obviously this is my own personal Super Spinach Story. A recent one too.

Notice how I Used...

A, B, C


#1, #2, #3 -

Why did I do that?

Because An outline format helps get Specifics organized.

And when you are writing up your own experience. Especially
one that happened over 3 hours. BORING in the extreme.

Except for the planning. And the last few minutes BEFORE closing time.

It's a good strategy to outline specific points with BULLETS.

I will bet you.

That the Next time you think about arriving at 7:30Am at the DMV - you will
think twice. Depending on what you have to do.

A long line at 8am might not be your best plan.

I didn't have an Up-to-Date Registration card. Drivers license
dirty, wrinkled, unreadable. BUT I knew their computers had all the data.

I wanted the DMV folks TIRED and Eager to go home so they didn't
get FUSSY about the small stuff.

Gummn't folks LUV to go crazy about such details.


Next Up.


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