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Old December 9, 2012, 06:25 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Thanks Dien,

Jim was a very nice man.

Friendly and Very Good at Creating Niche Value.

I was a member of a couple of his Finder and Millionaire Clubs for years.

Over the past year we'd been talking about the Power of The Mastermind
of Two People.

And how Mastermind Level Rapport Creates INSTANT CASH.

MEANING - You Can Walk Around and Get Strangers
to Hand You Munny. Which is what Jim did his whole life.

For Example:

Jim started his Finder Business as a teenager. He worked in a series of local
Businesses where he met a lot of farmers and biz owners. So he'd ASK them
"What do you have you can't sell?"

Jim wrote it down. Kept a list.

As he asked this same question. Then tried to find a Fit. Someone ELSE who needed that item. Eventually Jim hit on a SECRET.

His finder business made him 1000X more munny when he found a RICH LOCAL Business owner and ASKED, "What is selling like crazy that you need
More of?"

Makes Sense, right? If you FIND out what is Already POPULAR - and Already
selling like HotCakes - bring them More. You get a YES and a Sales 100% of
the time.

But it took Jim many years to Turn this into BIG BUCKS.

Meanwhile Jim says he was still talking to lots and lots of people. Trying
to help them sell and buy stuff.

ASKING to help.
Citing products and services
Trying to set up JV deals.

AND these people would Give Him Things. Free Shoe Strings when he got shoes. A Free Tank of gas at the local station. Come back from vacation and bring JIM a gift from Hawaii. YOU KNOW - to show their appreciation.

Even though Jim hadn't made most of them a dime.

THIS STRUCK ME as amazing.
Just The Intention, The Wish, Talking about Taking Action to help people - got
Jim all kinds of F-r-e-e Stuff and Good Will!

THIS PART of What Jim Did is NOT in Any of his Products, either.

Jim just assumes people can walk up cold and Talk to Strangers
about deals like he did. Some can. Some can't.

I work with a Lot of Folks Who CANNOT.
People who need a Way to Warm Strangers Up.

PLUS Ezine Subscribers Who Need EMERGENCY CASH on a Daily Basis.

So We started testing what to give away to cashiers and service people.

Paper Flowers
Crayon Flowers
Napkin Flowers
Finger Puppets
Chocolate kisses
Thank You Notes
Funny Photos
Lotto Tickets
Magic Tricks

In addition to Funny Stories - MISTAKES that make munny began to crop up.

Here's One That Happened to me Recently.
How to Turn MISTAKES into MONEY.

Car Oil Change MISTAKE...EXTRA CASH Results...

Get in the Habit
of Paying it Forward
TIP Everyone you do business with.

This is Fresh in my mind. Cuz it Happened Last Week!

I went in and asked, "Can you change my oil and use 5w30 - not the regular 10w40 weight?" The clerk said, "Yes, sir."

THEN the managers out front AND the Mechanics disappeared for 30 minutes.
Out to lunch. Without saying a word to me.


a - One idiot left one of the huge bay doors open. So the heater came on
and off repeatedly.

b - It was cloudy. All of the Expensive sodium lights were on in the parking lot.

c - 50 more Expensive lights stayed on in the service bays

d - I said, "I want to watch." The guy who took my munny sent my car
7 bays away. The furthest he could get it away from me where I was watching.

I smelled a rat.

I ALREADY had munny out. But I had to WALK A MILE to the far end of the
Garage to Give it to the guy. I walked over and handed the mechanic 5
singles. Told him, "Please Take care of me."

Discovered him about to dump quarts of gunky oil from the Cheap-Sludge
Barrel into my car. I said, "Is that 5w30 - see the cap - that's what this car

He says, "No sir. I was told your oil was LOW."

BENEFITS of Tipping the Mechanic 5 bucks:

#1 - My Car which gets 45 mpg was Not Ruined by 4 quarts of heavy crappy oil
#2 - The man rotated my tires
#3 - I got 5w30 oil - I checked - perfectly at the Fill Line
#4 - He washed my car
#5 - Greased the chassis
#6 - check brake oil and other items
#7 - HE Tested my Battery. Found out it's at 225 instead of 500 (So I need a new Battery - Which I didn't trust these clowns to install.)


Probably they do #2 thru #7 routinely. BUT NOT AS PERFECTLY as I
got it done.

Plus there is the little matter of Not Burning my Valves and having to buy
a new car.

PLUS I p aid for 5w30 not the cheap stuff.

Are Made
Everywhere you go.

But you can Literally CASH IN on Every Mistake - Turn Murphy's Law in your favor.

Shiny Gold 1.00 Coins work great too.

Glenn Osborn
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