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Old January 26, 2017, 01:37 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default Fiona Rules A Restaurant w/Flirt Tipping PIZZAZZ

Thanks Tom,

FOCUS is Important.

You know how everyone today is SO BUSY texting and Answering their
Cell Phone that they DO NOT FOCUS on the folks standing in front of them?

Even Sales people Will answer the phone
while a customer (You & Me) is standing at their counter
wanting to Buy.


A the Question is -

HOW Do We Persuade Folks to FOCUS on Us?

FEEL Good About Spending Time with us?



Let's Consult MARK TWAIN - the famous American Speaker and Writer.

In the days Before The Internet
Mark Twain did speaking tours.

STEP I - A white haired man would step to the podium and Endorse,
Applaud and Tell How GREAT Mark Twain was.

STEP II - Then the man would walk off the stage.

STEP III - The SAME White Haired Man Would then Walk Back
on Stage and Begin His SPEECH.

Mark would say, "I'd like to THANK the Distinguished Gentleman from
Kentucky for that amazing Introduction..."



In Silence without Speaking.


a - At first the audience is confused.

b - Then a few chuckles

c - Then laughter Sweeps the room as EVERYONE Realizes that
Mark Twain has had the SHEER GALL to Introduce himself in GLOWING TERMS.

The Audience is FOCUSED!

The Audience is SMILING and in a Positive Mood.

The Audience is In Rapport and READY TO LISTEN.

Mark Twain Has CREDENTIALED Himself as someone

Because The Audience Recognizes that THEY Don't Know how to DO what
Mark Twain just did - on Stage.


(EDITORS NOTE - You May be Asking Yourself, "SELF, What Does Mark Twain Have
to do with FLIRT TIPPING For Fun and Profit?)


Thanks for asking.

JUST Suppose You Invite an IMPORTANT Prospect for Lunch? And Arrive Early
for your meeting at the Restaurant.

(Out in the Country we call What we're About to SHARE with You ***PRIMING
THE PUMP.*** In The Good Old Days of Hand Dug Wells. In Order to Get The
Hand Pump to Pump Water OUT of the Well You Had to POUR WATER INTO The
Well - First.)

#1 - You Flirt Tip The Manager

#2 - You Flirt Tip the Concierge.

#3 - You Flirt Tip The Waitresses and The Waiters and the Bell Boys and the

#4 - You Give LOTTO Tickets to The Cooks and the Chef's helpers. Thank them
for their hard work.

#5 - When Your VIP Guest Arrives You Greet Him/her. Sit Down and the Waitress
Brings your menus. And You SMILE - She GRINS Back as you (Cuz She KNOWS what is coming) Thank Her and hand her ANOTHER Lotto ticket.

And another.

And another.

All through the meal. More and more waiters and bus boys and managers
show up at your table to be of Service.


QUESTION #1 - Do You Think This FOCUSES Your Guest on YOU?

Q #2 - Do You Agree He or She Will Be CURIOUS?

Q #3 - When the manager comes over to say, "Hi" and other diners start
LOOKING over at Your Table Because You are The Center of Attention....

Q #4 - Do You Think You Seem Suddenly More IMPORTANT to your Prospect?

Q #5 - Might You Have Credentialed Yourself In His Mind? AND Created
Rapport so They are Willing to LISTEN to and RESPECT You?

QUESTION for ya.

Do you think all of the above can happen BY ACCIDENT?


You Might Be Surprised.

Fiona Added her Personal Female Flirt PIZZAZZ on top of the Flirt Tipping

And Created Some CHAOS.

Because she didn't have an Out-come Planned. And Didn't Prime the Pump by alerting the Restaurant Staff - ahead of time.

Fionas Testimonial -


I tested the Dollar Bill Flirt Tipping while going out to dinner with some friends.

It was simply amazing.

My friends & the waiter were looking at me like I was on crack.
I gave out the dollar tip and a "Thank You" for everything the waiter did, take our order, bring drinks, refill drinks.

Other waiters came out to help us during the meal.

Towards the end of our meal the waiters were all hovering
over our table like vultures.

This really pissed off the other tables,
they were complaining to the manager.

This Flirt Tipping stuff is pretty powerful.
You have my permission to share this success -
anonymously - with others and use it in your marketing.


Last edited by Glenn : January 26, 2017 at 01:40 PM. Reason: sentences too long
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