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Old January 26, 2017, 03:07 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default Garret Says, "What Fun! My Waiter Wouldn't Shut Up"

Thanks Tom,

Women I share FLIRT TIPPING with start laughing when I tell them, "I know
Flirting with Hunky Men is a chore. But Buck up. The more Flirt Practice
you get with Handsome Waiters and Bartenders - the better you get at
Persuading guys to buy your stuff.

Practice Does help.

Many people are not used to Chatting while in Deep Rapport.

Plainly Stated:

FLIRT TIPPING is a ShortCut to Rapport.

Said Differently:

FLIRT TIPPING Creates Quick Trust.


Total Strangers will TALK Your Head Off unless you LEAD the Conversation.


This recently happened to me when I was LOTTO Tipping
but not paying enough attention.

a - Dinner with a friend

b - Lotto ticket when Gail brought water

c - Lotto ticket when she handed me a menu

d - Lotto ticket when She brought our food

e - Lotto ticket with the bill.

My Dinner partner - was ALSO in deep Rapport with our waitress - due to all my
Lotto Tipping.


I got treated to a Fascinating discussion of HIGH or LOW placed computer
keyboards as they relate to her risk of Carpel tunnel at her OLD Job.

And Gails New Full time job at Data Entry - Medical Billing
for a local Hospital.

THEN we were off to the races on an Equally Exciting Subject! Which computer
keyboard Gail likes best.

To Shut this down I Had to Wave Both Arms
over my head like a Baseball Umpire.

Just to Get Gail's Attention. And Bluntly say, "I want to go home. It's getting late. Could we have the bill, please?"

this Side Effect of FLIRT TIPPING?

***You Lead the Conversation where YOU Want to go.

***You ASK the waitress what you want to know.

***What I Usually ask towards the end of the meal After FLIRT Through
a couple courses is, "Have you met any Local Small Business Owners

***Do You remember their name or business name? Maybe I can
call them up and the two of us come Back HERE to visit You for lunch."


***You aren't in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy!***

One FLIRT TIPPING Effect - can be like sitting on a Psychologists couch
listening to your Waitress or any friend at the table - (while you Flirt tip)
talk and talk and talk.

UNLESS You Take command.


Another Example from a Client -


I was darn hungry today - so the little lady and I decided to dine at one of those
chain steakhouses with the country & western decor. ""Get along little

Anyway our waiter, Chet, comes over and asks us what we would like to drink. I
order the iced tea and the little lady orders water with lemon.

Let the fun begin!!

Chet brings out the drinks and sets them in front of us. I smile and promptly
hand him a $1 bill.

Bam! He looks at me like I am a nut-job or something! HA HA HA! I smile back at
him. He pauses and finally replies ""Th-thanks!""

I can barely contain my laughter! The little lady is starting to laugh as well! We
manage to keep our composure and he moves on. This is a BLAST! A few
moments later he brings us some bread and I sense his mood is elevated. (The
bread sucked by the way.) I give him another $1 bill.

WHAM! I could have knocked him over with a feather. Now he gives me another
weird look and then a broad smile. I smile back and he says ""Thank you, Sir.""

This scenario plays out throughout the meal.

This Flirt stuff works!

How do I know?

I asked this guy a simple question about how long he has worked at the
restaurant and he would not shut up. I soon learned he is to wed soon, he owns
4 dogs, a cat, he just moved from Florida, etc., etc, etc.

(This is rapport ** correct?)

I think I had his whole life story for the last 5 years.

This guy seemed very shy as well - I noticed that he did not initiate a
conversation with any other patrons in the restaurant except for what they
wanted to order. But he went out of his way to talk to me.

Furthermore, rarely does anyone call me ""sir"", especially by someone about 10
years younger than me. (I''m 32).

Our service was great.

I even tipped the lady who brought out the food for our waiter. ""Well, thank you
so much!"" she exclaimed after a moment of stunned silence.

I think I made her day. Don''t tell my fiance this, but she was quite a ""hottie"".

What fun!!!

I think I spent 8-9 dollars in tips overall. It was worth every penny.


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